Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Verde Valley Self Defense aka why women and children should learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

So it's been a long time since I've written on this blog. I felt the need to bring it back since the world needs to know about Verde Valley self defense aka  why women and children should learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu(BJJ). Now of course, the best place to train and learn BJJ is at my good friend Ted Osburn's school Osburn BJJ.

What makes BJJ such a great form of martial arts to help in your Verde Valley self defense quest is the fact that it can be very effective even when your opponent is younger, stronger, bigger, and more athletic. This is the scenario that most women and children find themselves in when dealing with a larger male attacker. And where BJJ shines even more specifically is it teaches you how to properly choke this potential attacker unconscious.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu's best weapon: the choke!

Helio Gracie, the Godfather of BJJ, said that even the toughest guy in the world will go to sleep with a properly applied choke. While there are boxers who are known for their "iron chin" and can't be knocked out or even guys in the BJJ world who are super flexible and unable to be submitted through joint locks, no one is choke proof.

When someone is an attacker you have to ask yourself, what is the most likely Verde Valley self defense strategy? Are you going to be able to knock him out with a punch? Can you spray him with mace in time? What about a swift kick to the groin, will that work? All of those scenarios might work but they also just might make your attacker angrier. Your attacker won't be able to tough out a choke. He will just go to sleep.

The choke is also a more humane way to stop your attacker. Now this might not matter to some people but in the world we live in, doing less damage is usually a better thing. A strike that really stops an attacker usually has to hurt him. Any other type of BJJ submission can break bones, tear ligaments, or dislocate joints. But a properly applied choke simply cuts off blood supply to the brain and gently puts the person to sleep. As long as the choke is let go of, the person will regain consciousness and be fine. So learning Verde Valley self defense may be safer for everyone.

This also includes children. When dealing with bullies, one issue that has risen to the forefront is the idea that kids aren't supposed to hit back if they are attacked. While I have mixed feelings about such policies, a properly applied choke will subdue any bully and not leave a mark on him. Learning tactics like these can help your self defense Verde Valley needs!

The next reality of a choke is it takes the least amount of size and strength to do correctly. There are limiting factors of physics that prevent a smaller woman or a child from being able to hurt an adult male with strikes. You may get lucky but counting on luck to save your life is not smart.

Even within BJJ joint lock defense can happen if the opponent. If an attacker is intoxicated on drugs or alcohol they may not be effected by the submission hold or feel anything until hours later. But like Helio Gracie said no one can withstand a properly applied choke.

I'm about 175 pounds and I've had 95 pound women and 75 pound children catch me in chokes. When the choke is sunk in, I am going to tap or going to sleep. The choke is powerful! If you want to learn Verde Valley self defense, give Ted a call. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will change your or your child's life!

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